"El Colonial" Restaurant

El Colonial restaurant (where breakfast is served), with its neoclassical style, faces the horseshoe-shaped reception area.
Breakfast 07h00 - 10h00.
Lunch 12h00 - 15h00/ A la carte.
Dinner 19h00 - 22h00.
Options: Terrace overlooking Prado streetor inside with air conditioning.

Café El Louvre

Its lively and dynamic outdoor terrace café, the Grand Café Le Louvre, has been welcoming musicians, travelers, poets, teachers and visitors of all kinds for more than a century. It's a great idea to sit in one of the cast-iron chairs for an hour (or three) of live music and watch a kinetic street scene unfold.
Lunch (A la cart6) 12h00 - 20h00.
Other services.

Grill Bar Roof Top

With background music and live music.
18h00 – 01h00.


"La Sevillana" Lobby Bar

La Sevillana coffee bar is another attractive place to spend an hour or two. This entire section is attractively covered with Seville tiles that are distinguished by magnificent patterns and colors, complemented by decorative carved arches and moldings. This area looks like it belongs in Morocco.
Sandwiches, portions, and dishes combined /24 hours.

Snack El London

Combined à la carte dishes, ice cream parlor and tarts.
12h00 – 20h00.